Artist in Residence

This position was originally introduced to give our artists an extra opportunity to display their work and interact with other artists. Having a resident artist not only assists with regular manning of Ellis House, on Thursday to Sunday, but will provide extra interest for our visitors.

Barbara Swindells

Artist in Residence 2017

Oct 19 - Nov 5Angela Halge
Nov 9 - 26Colours of Spring

Any Member can take this Opportunity

Any member can take a turn as Artist in Residence for three weeks – 10am to 4pm on Thursday and Friday, and 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. The wall space in their room would be available to exhibit their paintings during this time. The artist will be there as part of the promotion of our Art Centre, and to welcome visitors who come to see Ellis House and the exhibition artwork. There is no charge for this position of Resident Artist, as manning Ellis House on gallery days (Thursday to Sunday) is one of the areas where volunteers can be helpful. Ellis House Artist in Residence There would be a commission of 15% on any piece of work over $100 – none payable under $100. This is currently our policy for sales of art work. The Artist in Residence would be backed up by our other artists who work on the verahdahs and in the gardens of Ellis House. Happy Painting.