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Never too Old for Art

by Geoff Lucey
Paintings by Geoff Lucey
Tasi 1

We are never too old to begin a new project in our lives or to recognise a new direction of discovery.

It is just under two years ago that I first met Derna at Ellis House in her last days. Her encouragement led me to join Ellis House Friends and become a member of their vibrant art community.  I remember one of the artists who came Fridays saying that even a bad day painting is better than any other day. I can only agree with him in that.  
Geoff Lucey
Bunker Bay
I discovered Ellis House through my brother-in-law in Melbourne, I had just begun to paint and was looking for a place to learn and I was having problems finding somewhere to get help, so I thought since he had been painting for quite a few years he might have a contact over here. He e-mailed me that he didn’t have any contacts in the west but had found a place called Ellis House on the net and gave me the address. The rest is history.

 Many Laughs and Good times at Ellis House

Geoff Lucey
Boat 1
My painting has improved so much and is very rewarding. I now paint at Ellis House with a great bunch of people who have become good friends on a Tuesday and have learnt so much and had many laughs and good times.   My painting concentrates on landscapes and seascapes both in the Pilbara and Tasmania.
Geoff Lucey
Landi 1
As I said in the beginning, you are never too old, this year I will reach three score and ten years and have only been painting two years. I have a lot to learn yet but through the help of the friends of Ellis House my painting is getting better. I found that most of the people who I paint with belong to “The Bayswater Arts Society” and so I too joined them but that is another story. Cheers Geoff Lucey