You are invited to meet with the artists and share in the life of the


Located near the Swan River at 116 Milne Street, Bayswater. Ellis House was built in the early 1900’s and was the first dairy farm in the Bayswater district. By the mid 1990’s it had fallen to neglect and vandalism, but in 1995 it was refurbished by the City of Bayswater and is now a fine example of an early settler’s home. Art Ellis House   Ellis House Community Art Centre

New Artists and Visitors are Welcome to Ellis House

Visit this picturesque site, enjoy the tranquil gardens and paintings on display. Ellis House has become established as a place where art happens…..where all styles of painting can be appreciated and where new artists and visitors are made welcome by the artists who come to paint, help out in many ways and who are always warm, welcoming and friendly. Ellis House Artists